was founded way back in 1986 as a juvenile high-energy trio. The name of the band resulted from a combination of the initials of the founding band members - JOseph - RUdolf - MArtin.

From the very beginning the music of JORUMA has been very funky, and funk is still the main element of their musical repertoire. In 1994, the dynamic trio gained support by the FUNKY HORNS under the musical direction of P.Ax, who was finally fed up by having played Top-40 trash for 15 years. He developed a real penchant for gritty horn arrangements and the design of extraterrestrial stage outfit.

After a couple of changes and reformations until 2006, the band’s line-up currently consists of : Ann G. Mueller and Margiorie Etokudo - lead vocals, Voka - guitar, Roman Kovacs - bass, P.Ax - trombone, Doogie Hauser - drums, Markus Franzmeier - sax, Christian Wechselauer - trumpete, Georg Henke - keyboards from then on, the 10-piece party orchestra has been completed and complemented by various jazz, funk and soul musicians from all over Austria, such as Gerry Schuller - keyboards, Jeff Frohner - keyboards, Martin Grünzweig - trombone and David Piribauer - drums (David used to be one of the core members and was touring the USA with the band Revis and Solange Knowles for the last 10 Years).


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